Escuela de Español Pico Bonito is located in the port of La Ceiba, on Honduras's Caribbean coast. La Ceiba, known as "La novia de Honduras" (Honduras's girlfriend), is flanked to the south by the Nombre de Dios mountains and to the north by the Caribbean sea. Chief among the mountains in its skyline is beautiful Pico Bonito, our emblem.


AREA:112,090 square kilometers.

POPULATION: 5 million people.

GOVERNMENT: A democratic constitutional republic.


GEOGRAPHY: Honduras has 500 miles of coastline of the Caribbean, and 40 miles of coastline on the Pacific Ocean. Mountains cover most of its territory, occasionally interrupted by wide and fertile valleys. In higher elevations, the mountains are covered by evergreen forests. Rain and cloud forests fill the lower elevations with the screams of macaws and monkeys.

La Ceiba

POPULATION: 185,000 people.

CLIMATE: Tropical and humid, cooled by the ocean breeze.

ACCESS: Well comunicated, TACA and LACSA conduct international flights to and from Golosón International Airport. All international airlines that visit Honduras (American, Continental, USAir, etc..) have connections to and from La Ceiba. Also, the two largest domestic carriers have their hubs in La Ceiba.

Getting around in La Ceiba is easy. Most places are within walking distance, but if you choose not to walk, you can take a taxi for about 50 U.S. cents. Money exchanges, credit card advances and other transactions can be easily acomplished. La Ceiba is known for its exiting night life. You can find excellent places to dine, dance or simply hang out. The prices are very reasonable and the city is safe day and night.

The city is surrounded by natural beauty. In its vicinity are Garifuna fishing villiges, National Parks, and wildlife refuges. You must see the Bay Islands; they are only 20 minutes away by air. A major diving destination, they are part of the world's second-largest barrier reef. The islands were controlled by English pirates during colonial times; A very pirate-sounding English is the main language there.

If you wish to see the country by bus, there is a central bus station from which all trans-city buses arrive and depart. You can also travel by sea; Ferries operate between La Ceiba and islands of Roatan and Utila. Air service is available to all the Bay Islands.

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