The Homestay Program

Our homestay program is designed to enhance your visit to Honduras. Living with a Honduran family gives students a true picture of the Honduran culture and cuisine as they increase their knowledge of the Spanish language.

The guest homes are of modest working-class people. The families are humble, usually religious, and very friendly. Commonly, both husband and wife are employed outside the home. A maid, which is very common in Central America, is responsible for cleaning, cooking, and looking after the small children. The student will be provided with a clean, private room with bed sheets, a pillow, fan, desk, chair, and a shared bathroom. The families will gladly assist you with your Spanish skills.

Laundry service can be arranged with the homestay family for a reasonable cost. The price will vary from home to home, but US$ 3.00 is reasonable for a full load, washed and dried.

The student will be served three modest meals a day. Meals will include rice, beans, tortillas, modest portions of chicken or beef, plenty of fruit and vegetables, purified water, and instant coffee. Soft drinks, beer or liquor will not be provided by the families. We prefer that consumption of any alcohol be done outside the guest home. Students who wish to "party into the late night" would be better suited to stay at a hotel. There are plenty of reasonably priced hotels in La Ceiba.

When students arrive in La Ceiba, we speak with them and give them a packet with more personalized and detailed information. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

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